Two stage group selection for larger organisations


in the current Zammad Version for SaaS or download (V5.3.1) I would like to integrate the organisational structure of a larger organisation. As a group in stage one the the devisions of the company should be selectable. In the second stage the related sub-divisions (for the division) should be selectable.

Stage one: IT departmend
Stage two: Storage / Network / Server …

in the current Zammad Version with only one group hierarchie the groups would have to be named:
IT_Departement_Network → for larger organisatiosn with several divisions and subdivisions I would have 50 to 100 groups. The assingment to a group would be more complex.

possible solution: let the admin decide wether groups havae one or two stages.

Users can be assigned to groups on stage two.

Looking forward to hear your feedback about this request.