Tuning Notifications


I am new to Zammad, but familiar with similar software such as LiveAgent.

I Would like to configure the notifications, in particular the ones that go towards the customer.

New ticket created and ticket updated, to start with. I don’t find how to modify or disable them, they don’t show up in the settings.

The use case is to match the communication style of the company and in some particular cases, to disable it.

Ideally I would like to tune this by department/group. For example for marketing/sales inquiries we try the service center to resemble as much as possible plain email with personalized communication so there would not be any notifications. For technical support we like to have the notifications. For finance we don’t use notifications either.

Is it possible to tune this kind of thing, how?

… I think I missed up notifications to customers and agents during my testing.

New ticket and ticket updated are only for Agents, right?

I am going to retest a bit more.

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Zammad does never send out notifications to your customers.
That’s where triggers come into account.

The following pages may help you: