Triggers not present in the permissions list of a role


There is no possibility of allowing a non-full admin to use triggers.

In my case in particular, we have two levels of administrators: those of the system, and those of attendance. I can’t create a custom role allowing the use of triggers.
I would enjoy to have this possibility :smile:

For the current list of permissions (without trigger), see:

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Thanks for pointing this out.
Maybe @thorsteneckel can point out if this is a Bug or a feature.

I never seen this as problem, as I consider Triggers to be admin-admin-admin territority (too many admins I met shot their own knees with them already)

Hi @alexandresouza - welcome to the community! It’s kind of embarrassing but you’re right - we forgot to add the admin.trigger permission. @MrGeneration can you please create an issue for it and add a remark to check for other permissions as well? This should be easily fixed.

However, this has no security implications because the admin is checked as a fallback.

@alexandresouza - @MrGeneration is pretty busy at the moment. Would you mind creating an issue for this and add a remark to check for other permissions as well? You can refer to this community post.

@thorsteneckel Done! :+1: