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we often receive an email directly from the customer. We will then forward these to the Zammad ticket system. If we change the customer now (currently the agent), then an email should go to the customer that a ticket has been opened. Has anyone configured it this way? I didn’t get it. Thanks in advance.



If you forward a mail via the “forward” button of your mail client, you’re destroying the original sender information which causes Zammad to detect the agent as customer. As it knows it’s agents, your trigger may be configured to not send automatic replies to agents.

Note that if you want to “forward” mails to Zammad, you want to bounce those mails if possible.
If your mailserver does not allow to do so, you’ll need to fetch mail manually from a subfolder of the agenhts mailbox or a shared mailbox in order to be able to simply move the mails there.

After that trigger sendouts should be working as expected.

Changing the customer in Zammad is technically an update, but not in terms of the trigger which is the reason why it’s not fireing.

You’ll need to change the way how you provide mails to Zammad.

Hi Marcel,

thanks for your reply. how would the trigger have to be created so that after changing the ticket owner from agent to customer an email is sent to the customer?

I answered on your other freshly created thread.

It would be amazing if you wouldn’t created duplicate questions, because this will rather slow down people trying to help you instead of speeding things up for you.

sorry, that was a mistake and not wanted.

i try to explain it again. i hope it is understandable.

a customer sends an email to us (not to the ticket system) -> the agent forwards this email to Zammad -> then the agent changes the customer in the new ticket -> is it possible with a trigger to send the updated customer an automated email (“we have received your support request … and so on”)!? -> that would be great.

Updating the customer on a ticket does not trigger an ticket update in trigger terms.
This means you can’t create a trigger that “resends” those information. In fact, technically this could get in the way for “normal” tickets.

I suggest to ensure that your agents do not forward mails, but redirect them.
This will keep the original mail headers in tact allowing Zammad to recognize the original sender of the message.

This also spares you from changing the customer of the ticket.

Alternatively you can use subfolders Zammad fetches from to move mails from mailbox to mailbox if that’s better. This is especially better for Outlook users, because “Reply-To” and “redirect” functionality is a really huge pain within Microsoft world.

Another alternative would to not use triggers for “we received your request” stuff, but a scheduler.
However, this adds a delay for every ticket up to 10 minutes and requires you to ensure the condition no longer affects “already notified” tickets on the next scheduler run.

If you don’t break the condition for a scheduled ticket, you’ll end in spamming your users up to every 10 minutes on the same ticket. That’s something you (and your customer) potentially don’t want. :slight_smile:

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Just a short note: We’re using Apple Mail which allows to redirect mails:

We have the exact same problem as you. Customers send directly to an agent and they forward it to the Helpdesk. The tips to somehow redirect the mails are not helpful for normal Outlook users forwarding e-mails. However the solution is super simple. Just create a new trigger like the following. All the agent has to do is change the customer on the ticket right after he forwarded the e-mail.

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hi andreas. that was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much. Best wishes

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