Trigger for custom field after upgrade to 6.0 not working properly


  • Used Zammad version: 6.0
  • Used Zammad installation type: package
  • Operating system: ubuntu
  • Browser + version: chrome

I have created a custom object for Organizations in Zammad 5, this is an integer, with default value 0, minimum 0, maximum 24.

On top of this I built a trigger that when a ticket is created and this custom value of the organization is not 0, then a note should be created in the ticket, which contains the number as a variable. (#{ticket.organization.customvalue})

Since the upgrade to Zammad 6.0 this does not seem to work anymore. Instead of following the condition that the note should only be created if the value is not 0, a note is created even if the value is 0. But then no 0 is written into the text, but #{ticket.organization.customvalue/ no such method}
If the value is not 0, then the correct number is written into the note.

Hi @lug-gh.

Can you please provide more information about the field configuration and the mentioned trigger? Thanks a lot.

Hi @fliebe92,
what information is missing?

Maybe you can post screenshots for the field and for the trigger. I was testing this in current stable and develop, and for me it’s working fine. This is why I would like to compare the field and the trigger.

This was created in Zammad 5.x, maybe it’s different if created in zammad 6.x?

I think I found the source: If the customer has no organization set, this error will appear.
In zammad 5.x it didn’t add a note to the ticket if the customer had no organization.

@fliebe92 should I create a bug-report in github?

@lug-gh This would be awesome. Detailed step-by-step instructions are needed. :slight_smile:

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Which version of Zammad did you use before you did the upgrade to 6.0?

I compared an installation with Zammad 6.0 and Zammad 5.4 and they do behave in the same way…

Edit: At the exact moment I gathered the info and clicked submit, you answered my Github issue - perfect timing :smiley:

The fact that my trigger only worked due to a bug then led to confusion here, of course.

I used Zammad 5.4(.1 i think, maybe only 5.4.0).
But the trigger was created before 5.4. (and so was the attribute)

I upgraded to 6.0 on the 22.07.2023 (saturday), and if I search for “acrticle.body:no such method” the first ticket is from 24.07.2023 (monday) - we usually don’t get tickets on the weekend, so this is expected.

If i search for the string the note if working correctly, the oldest Ticket I can find is from 13.03.2023, so before 5.4 relase.

I think my trigger is older than this, but I am not that good with the advanced search.

We regularly get emails from q.beyond as we are always in CC there through one of our customers. The customer in Zammad is not assigned to any organization. So I think you can show this well on this customer.

Here is a ticket created by q.beyond on 19.07.2023:

As you can see, no tigger was applied.

And here one from (after the upgrade to 6.0).

Sorry for the confusion. :confused:

Please let me know if adjusting the trigger as shown in GitHub did help. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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Yep, it worked. Thanks very much!
(And by confusion, I meant that I confused you :slight_smile: )

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