Trigger doesn't work since Update

  • Used Zammad version: 5.0.3
  • Operating system: Linux
  • Browser + version: Edge

One our trigger doesn’t longer works since the update to 5.x.

We have already completely deleted and re-created it. As soon as a ticket is assigned to a group and no user is set, an email should be sent via trigger.

Is there any way to test a trigger?

We have other triggers in use - that works fine.


Since you cropped the screenshot I just have to guess but it looks like you don’t have an action in your conditions. Triggers only react when something happens like “Action - Is - Updated”.

We have not entered any action in the conditions - the screenshot shows the complete conditions. With other triggers that we use, this also works without them. But we’ll try it out. thanks

What’s configured in the action part?

We completely rebuilt the trigger, but it still doesn’t work.
It doesn’t matter whether there is action or not

Here is a trigger that works without any problems, for example.

The Option “Trigger ausgeführt” is a manual field so that a trigger is not executed again on reopening and closing.

The trigger you provided is working just fine.
You may want to have a look into your production.log which may contain more context.

Possibly the group has no mail address or the user (or whatever you set as mail recipient in the trigger) has no mail address.

Ok, thanks. We will have a look.

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