Trigger - Add 'Starts With' and 'Ends With' as options for filtering addresses


I would like to see a some additional filtering options for email addresses (To and From) inside of Zammad

Currently, when you create a trigger based on an Article for the ‘To’ and ‘From’ options, you have the ‘contains’ and ‘does not contain’ options, however, that can be very confusing and often cause undesired results:

Undesired Result

Trigger 1: Email To filtered on ‘contains’
Trigger 2: Email TO filtered on ‘contains’

Often both triggers will fire if you send an email to because both satisfy the constraint.

Desired Result

Trigger 1: Email ‘TO’ filtered as ‘starts with’
Trigger 2: email ‘TO’ filtered as ‘starts with’

Now, only one trigger would actually fire, because the system isn’t being confused by similar names.

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we’ve the same issue, and find out its always a last-match-wins thing. and it looks like that it will be proceed in alphabetical order, which is not documented (so far as I can see).

in OTRS you can say stop if it matches.

The same issue is when you say “from” contains foo@example and its to CD@domain, which rule is the last wins… that is very annoying. So I’m not sure if it a bug or a feature (request)

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