Trigger 24 hours after closing a ticket


  • Used Zammad version: latest stable
  • Used Zammad installation source: package
  • Operating system: Debian
  • Browser + version: Chrome

Hi there!

I’m struggling with this one: how to trigger an action exactly 24 hours after closing a ticket? I can’t find the right combination of filters to get this working.

Thank you all.


I don’t think that triggers can do that. Maybe a scheduler with these conditions would be better suited?

  • State: is: closed
  • Closing time: after (relative): 1: day(s)

You do need another condition of course to prevent the scheduler from acting on the same tickets repeatedly. Maybe add a tag to the tickets which have been processed, and match only tickets without the tag?

I am also using scheduler for this type of ‘events’—e.g. sending follow-ups to unpaid bills every now and then. I think simply adding an internal note would update the ticket, so you could use a combination of the time you closed the ticket and the last update.

Maybe you could elaborate on what exactly you’re trying to achieve and we could think of other solutions…

Thank you @martin.von.wittich and @herzkerl.

I’m trying exactly that, send a follow-up e-mail to costumers 24 hours later their tickets were closed.

At first I was trying with triggers but will have a look at schedulers.

I can’t get it working:

  • State is closed
  • Closed after (relative) 10 minutes
  • Tags contains all test (just to limit to my test tickets)

Configured schedule to run today every 10 minutes from 2pm to 3pm:

Closed a test ticket at 2:48pm:

So far no follow-up e-mail!

Thank you!


I think I found it. Scheduler won’t run today, only next week with the above criteria:

I don’t know your local timezone, but scheduler uses UTC. (Ran into a similar problem.)

Now that you mention it, i remembered this Different server and rails timezone. I updated Zammad the other day and forgot to review my config.

Great! It working now with schedulers! Added a new attribute since I’ll be using tags in filters too.

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