Trailing spaces in self created object attribute text values


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When creating new objext text attributes it is impossible to add a trailing or leading space. Is there any possibility to add a, maybe quoted, space or use some utf style encoding to add one?

Huge thx ind advance. Any answer is welcome.
greetz from potsdam/germany

Zammad does not provide any options to change object values on the fly at all.
If you believe this is an important feature to the core, please create a feature request on this board.

… i am not asking about ‘on the fly’. When i statically add a new customer object attribute , i.e. of type ‘text’ or ‘select’ and i set the attributes value to 'abc ’ its always chopped to ‘abc’. In my environment ist would be useful to have a space at the end of the value. Example:
I wanna create an automatic mail to customers with and without title.

Sehr geehrter Herr #{} #{ticket.customer.lastname},

If i could ass a trailing space to 'Dr. ’ i could use one template vor customers both with and without a degree.

Thanx for working on sundays for us.


I see.
I’m afraid Zammad currently does not support your use case.

I believe we do have feature requests on this regard on this board already - if so, please vote with a “heart” on the first article - if not, please create a new feature request post on this board so the community can vote on your approach.

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