Time recording to user

Hi, I am looking for how to list the times per item and per user. Is that possible? I am concerned with the time recording of the employees and not the time of the whole ticket, a ticket can have had several agents. I’m grateful for a tip.

It’s technically possible by querying ticket histories to find out who booked how much accounted time.
However, this is not an easy task and quite complicated.

Relevant endpoints:

time accounting

                                                    GET                         /api/v1/time_accounting/log/by_ticket/:year/:month(.:format)                             time_accountings#by_ticket
                                                    GET                         /api/v1/time_accounting/log/by_customer/:year/:month(.:format)                           time_accountings#by_customer
                                                    GET                         /api/v1/time_accounting/log/by_organization/:year/:month(.:format)                       time_accountings#by_organization

ticket history

                                                    GET                         /api/v1/ticket_history/:id(.:format)                                                     tickets#ticket_history

More information on our api in general can be found here:

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