Time Accounting

I want to force the time accounting, when the ticket will be closed. The Time Accounting is enabled, “State” - “is” - “closed”, no groups selected, because I want it for all groups. But when I close the ticket, then I have not a window to fill the time.

I think this is partly a feature request and technical question:

The thing is, technically you can’t force your agents in Zammad. The agent can always “skip” the time accounting. If you depend on your agent having no other chance but to fill in time on updating a ticket, this currently is not possible with Zammad.

The reason is that the time accounting does not use the “future state” in your case but the current one.
This means: If you closed your ticket and update it again, Zammad will ask you about the required time.

After having a look at the documentation I noticed that this is not being mentioned there. Sorry for the confusion! I added it to the issue list of the documentation to improve the situation for the future.

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