Time Accounting Role


Is it possible to set a role to restrict the time accounting reporting from the configuration. Currently one has to allow a user access to the time accounting reports, but they also have access to change the “CONDITIONS FOR EFFECTED OBJECTS *”


We don’t want any user who needs access to the reports to be able to change the way the time accounting conditions are set.

There is check your Group Role and uncheck the Time accounting under admin interface

Thanks, but if I do this, then the user is not able to access the time accounting reports? I have a group for the finance department who need to just obtain the reports.

Yes only the Administrator
Create a group that only can view the time accounting

Could a Sub-Role possibly be created?

Maybe, i guess it works for sub role

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You can create an independent role with the right “time_accounting”, but this will let your assigned agent change the settings. That’s the only way at the moment.

Agreed, could we add this to the road map?

Let’s put this for voting first.
Better said it’d be in backlog currently. :-X

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