Time_accounting data in api

Hi guys :wave:

Is there a way to get the Ticket::TimeAccounting entries in an API Call to process in a 3rd party system?
Can’t find any thing in the REST API Documentation Introduction — Zammad documentation

Not sure if I’m missing something. Would you accept a MergeRequest with these entries in it?

I’m not entirely sure what your goal is.
Are you looking from the accounted time totals or individual accounted time steps on an per article basis?

thanks for your folloup. We trying to get the time accounting data into another system (company time tracking tool) by using the api. In the meantime we’ve found to following endpoints:

  • /api/v1/time_accounting/log/by_activity/2022/12?download=true
  • /api/v1/time_accounting/log/by_activity/2022/12 → json

But not sure about the required permissions for these endpoints. Documentation is currently missing: Search — Zammad documentation We have not used them yet.

The time accounting log is being used within the admin area.
This means in this case you’d need admin.time_accounting permission to call this endpoint.

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