Time accounting - add time and date of billing as column to the reports

The reports currently show the total amount of time units billed for each ticket. However, if monthly reports are sent to the customer in the form of invoices, it would be useful to have another column called TU billed on date/time (the name of the column can be changed), where the time and date of the billed units would be added to the reports. This would show how many units were billed on which day and by which agent.

As an example:

Agent A bills 20 time units, Agent B (who also owns the ticket) bills another 12 time units. The exported file shows the information about the owner and the total (32) amount of billed units. However, it is not apparent whether the billed units were all billed on the same day, or whether they were separated by 1, 12, or 30 days. It can be seen in the history of each single ticket, but not in the reporting .xls file.


To add to this, it would be helpful to be able to view the time per-agent. Sometimes tickets are escalated to outside vendors or 1099 staff, who also log time against a ticket. Being able to see which agents spent time on the ticket, or running a per-agent report would allow us to validate time spent and billed.

I think you can do most stuff already with the existing functionality and some Excel filtering. For sure it’s maybe not optimal to have some additional handling in Excel, but maybe not that bad.
So you could export the time units by activity for every month (which includes all single entries per ticket) and then do some grouping/filtering in Excel.