Tigger -> make changes: save attachement to /path/to/attachents/for/my/trigger


I dunno if this is already possible ( I didn’t find it). For our workflow this would be very helpful:
A incoming email gets fetched and triggers a Trigger. As a result the now Ticket gets Tags, groups etc… AND if there’s an attachement I want to save it to a trigger-specific directory.


I’ll get an Email with the invoice for my phonebill attached -> Trigger makes this changes:
Status: closed;
Group: Accounting; purchase_invoice
Tags: Phone; purchase; invoice
Attachement: safe as: /home/zammad/attachments/purchase_invoice/#ticket#attachmentname

How do I do that?

This is not possible right now, thus the category “feature request” is fitting well enough.
You can get attachments via API which wouldn’t need triggers (to do so)

I got the PHP API up and running.
Can someone pass me the few lines, I’m not that confident I’ll get that myself in time. I’m willing to pay for that appropriately.

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