Ticket state in ticket overview does not indicate if action is required

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The ticket state in the ticket overview does not indicate if there is an action required on a ticket.
Is there a way to enable this feature for all/certain overviews like the ticket shortcut list on the left side does when e.g. a customer replied to the ticket. Could you please advice or consider this in a following release if not available already please? Currently we have to open each ticket to see if there was an action or keep it in the shortcut list.


Our Zammad says:
This is Zammad version 3.2.x

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Hey @schedu,

soooo… you’re not using the notifications i guess?

Usually the zammad phoenix pushes a browser notification to the agent and - if configured - you should get an email notification if one of your tickets get’s updated.

You don’t really have to open all your tickets if you use the given functions.


Hi @dvnkln,

thanks fo the quick reply. I have to say that we are maybe not the typical type of agents who are constantly online in Zammad. So it’s some kind of important for us to see if actions have been taken on tickets while zammad was not opened. We do use the push notifications and Mail notifications but there is one mail for any created ticket and each update for all subscribed groups.

Seeing the the same information in the state as in the shortcut list would really help as each zammad session opened from Mail closes the active one. It’s currently kind of hard to keep the overview.


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You could use a state that you automatically change to when answering as an agent (and not changing the state to e.g. pending close or so).

This will allow you to exclude said state in your overviews (aka your ticket “vanishes”).
As soon as a customer answers, the ticket will -because of the follow up- automatically jump back to “open” state and thus re-appear in your overviews.

We have no indication in the overviews directly (only if you have the ticket opened as a tab).

I also think that your overviews might be not too optimal and too large.
Could be because of too many open tickets.

You might want to have a look at pending reminders which you can also exclude from overviews.
This will help your overview greatly.

Personally I prefer an overview that only displays my assigned tickets of state “new” and “open”. This helps me keeping track on my tickets through the day.

Also, I changed the category to technical assistance, because I believe this is what it is at this moment. If not, please feel free to change it back to feature request. :slight_smile:


Hi @MrGeneration,

thanks for this proposal. I will check with our Admins if we could use a different state to identify the work in progress.
Although I would not regret having this nice flickering dot in the ticket state :blush:

Thanks again!

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Hi @MrGeneration,

we checked the possibilities but still found a gap if a ticket is assigned to an agent without a note in the ticket. My colleagues have the same problem. The only workaround suitabele for us is to show in the my ticket view the updated by and upadated at columns to see if there was a change done by someone else.

We would be thankful if there is any possiblity to add a function to show if there was an action on a ticket by someone else. Zammads ticket state seems to offer the needed functionality but unfortunatlely not in the custom views.


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You can change tickets based on ticket updates (no matter if it got any type of article) and then change the state to a specific one. Maybe that helps to full fill your goal?

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