Ticket opened using email and multiple Cc external mail addresses

Hi all,

I have Zammad running in my organization. we have just one email receiving tickets or web authenticated access.

Same users open tickets adding external email addresses in Cc, and often happens that multiple other tickets are generated, especially if subject slightly changes.

I haven’t tested this case extensively but in one case , one ticket generated other 4 tickets just after some reply-all emails from other Cc users that forwarded “Fwd” and after that re-reply-all the email. The main subject stayed the same but other new tickets were created.

I know it’s a border line case, I’d like to understand if there is something I can do to avoid multiple ticket creation or if I can tweak something in Zammad ,

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Hi Simone,

maybe this is an option for you:

Best Regards

I think this is just for manual creating tickets, not for incoming mails which creates tickets.