Ticket Object (datetime) won't save input

Currently we run on 5.3.1 and found a problem regarding custom objects for tickets.
We have change the inactive Type and changed its values to our needs.
We added to additional fields DateTest (datetime) and DateProductive (datetime) as we like to use them for a specific Type of ticket.
The Type can be changed and safed successfully. But the values in the Date fields (datetime) are not saved. They had been cleared by saving the changes.

Is this may a known effect which might occur in some specific circumstances?

Additional to mention: We have used coreworkflows which hides the type when the ticket is not in a specific group. And also hides the date fields, wenn the type is not a specific one. May this have an effect on the datetime objects?
What kind of additional information can i provide which might help to solve this issue?

Best regards,

Sorry I’m unable to follow what you exactly configured. What’s the configuration of the datetime field exactly? Does updating the ticket return any errors? What does your production.log tell?

Current stable is on 5.4.1. You’re outdated and prune to security advisories - update asap.
Also updating to the latest possible stable might solve some issues you experience as well.

thank you for your feedback. We have updated the system accordingly and the issue had been gone.

As the system is only used internally with strictly limited users we have updated the system within our regular schuled maintenance. Until the update had been installed we have hidden the fields temporary as they had not been mandatory for our tasks at the moment.