Ticket number as hyperlink / Setup hyperlink

It would be nice if I include a ticket number as a comment:


that will automatically recognize here that this is an internal ticket and insert a hyperlink that leads to the ticket.

Alternatively, the possibility to add a hyperlink at all would help, e.g. with a key combination when I select a text (CTRL+K is it in most programs).

Hey newmedia24,

create a “custom text module” that you can access with any string. I used the string “::atu”.
This custom text module adds the url of the ticket.


Hello christophdb1,

thank you for your answer.
I meant it differently.

I am in ticket “13245” and I want to create a comment, like order ticket see ticket “56789”. Now the “56789” would be nice if this entry would be “clickable”.
I could link it, but in the customer view the link is not shown…

Since ticket number and ticket url are not identical either, I can’t build a corresponding link here either, as far as I’m informed…