Ticket history variables cannot be localized

  • Used Zammad version: 3.1.x
  • Used Zammad installation source: deb
  • Operating system: any
  • Browser + version: any

At our company who did what is always a big question. Zammad is a great help in this BUT some of our colleagues do not speak IT.

Expected behavior:

We should be able to localize variables that appear in ticket history.

Actual behavior:

  • frissített Jegy state feladó ‘open’ eddig ‘pending reminder
  • frissített Jegy pending_time ‘2019-12-05 12:31:00 UTC’
  • frissített Jegy last_owner_update_at ‘2019-12-05 10:09:40 UTC’
  • létrehozva Cikk
  • frissített Jegy last_contact_agent_at feladó ‘2019-12-05 10:09:39 UTC’ eddig ‘2019-12-05 12:29:11 UTC’
  • frissített Jegy last_contact_at feladó ‘2019-12-05 10:09:39 UTC’ eddig ‘2019-12-05 12:29:11 UTC’
  • frissített Jegy last_owner_update_at ‘2019-12-05 12:29:11 UTC’

(Some of this is Hungarian if you were wondering :slight_smile: )

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

Open ticket history.
I am looking for a solution to make history speak human :slight_smile:

Nothing? No one else is bothered by this. Mkay then.

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