Ticket forwarding issues

Hi. Please see issue below. Maybe someone could help? Thank you in advance!

Used Zammad version: 2.7.0
Used Zammad installation source: deb-pakage
Operating system: Debian 9
Browser + version: Firefox Quantum / Chrome

Expected behavior:

Forwarding to another Mailadresse should work

Actual behavior:

For some tickets by clicking on “weiterleiten” (german word for “forwarding”) the webinterface just scrolls down. On other tickets this works without problems. Sometimes it also works for this ticket at the next day

Please provide the eml-file via support@zammad.com if it’s not too sensitive. We’ll have a look.

Hi. I have also seen this on two separate tickets in the last couple of days. Clicking on ‘Forward’ just scrolls the page down. On the first ticket I thought the issue may have been the number of replies the ticket had already received but the second ticket where this problem occurred was brand new. Any ideas what could be causing this? Unfortunately I can’t provide the eml files due to confidentiality. Thanks.

Try to open the browser console before clicking on the Forward button, and then look if JavaScript exceptions are logged in the console. Maybe that could help to isolate this bug?

Also please provide used Zammad-Version and Browser, this is essential information especially in those cases. Sounds like a javascript issue.

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