The customer repeatedly receives an email from the status change trigger


  • Used Zammad version: 4.1.x
  • Used Zammad installation type: Debian VM
  • Operating system: Debian
  • Browser + version: Firefox 90 / MS Edge

Expected behavior:

  • Customers should only receive 1 email notification when the status changes to open

Actual behavior:

  • If a ticket has the status open and you answer the customer in the Ticket, Ticket status remains open, he also receives an e-mail notification from the trigger “open” -every time-

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

Hey @MF123,

Triggers are verified on every ticket update.
Right now your Trigger is doing exactly what you told it to do.

What were you trying to achieve with that Trigger?

State is changed AND State is open?
That’s currently not possible with zammad - sadly.

BTW: You could fiddle around with multiple Triggers + Tags to achieve this.
Edit: You only need one, now that i think about it. Just set some Tag “mailsent” or somethin’ and evaluate if that is present or not. Should do the trick.


thanks for your ideas!
Can you explain thhis and give an Example!? Which Tag should i take?

I didn’t verify it but this should work in your scenario:

The tag doesn’t have to be named mailsent. You can use any name you want.


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