Tags visible for customer


  • Used Zammad version: 3.1

I created tags for tickets. I (Agent) can see this tags in the tickets. but the customer don’t see this tags. I think the tags are not visible to the customer. I this right? How can I configurate this?

Customers can’t see tags. As far as I’m aware this is intended from our end.
Tags can be used for categorizing stuff which might be the reason why you might not want them to see.

I’ve had a quick search on Github - it doesn’t seem like we have this on our list yet.
You might want to create a feature request on here describing your use case for this. :slight_smile:

Hi Sir,

Dont know what is the purpose why you want Tags visible in customer side.
I think workaround is add object on ticket…

Thank you

yes, to add an object on ticket is one way. But then I need the multi selection function. I am not yet using the current version, but 3.1. Maybe there is this possibility in the current version?

Thanks fro your answers!

like sir @MrGeneration mentioned please post feature request on here describing your use case for this.

As @sinichi19 said, a good workaround would be to created an additional ticket object. Make sure to use a ‘text’ object—you can then add the tags like you would on Instagram, etc.:

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Zammad’s search engine will list the ticket if you search for the tag:


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