"Tag" condition(s) not valid for e-mail triggers

Hello there,
I’m currently looking to set up an e-mail trigger on ticket close that does NOT send a mail when the tag “silent” (for example) is added to said ticket.

Whenever I add any condition regarding tags to a trigger I get back that the conditions are invalid. Are tags currently unsupported as trigger conditions?

Background: The trigger should generally send a mail when a ticket is closed. We want to be able to manually tag/flag certain tickets for which no such mail should be generated, though. I’m open for workarounds, too.

Cheers and a wonderful Friday to y’all!

Please update your first article to hold the following information (use the template, it really helps :slight_smile: )

* Used Zammad version: 
* Used Zammad installation source: (source, package, ...)
* Operating system: 
* Browser + version: 

### Expected behavior:


### Actual behavior:


### Steps to reproduce the behavior:


Also, please provide a step by step description what you’re exactly doing. Also, a screenshot of your configured trigger might be helpful.

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