Support Redis version 6

Right now it is not possible to specify an external redis that requires to provide a user.
However, redis introduces with 6.x support for different users (and privs).

Many cloud vendors tend to only offer Redis as a Service with custom users, without providing any fallback for the old connection strings. Therefore I ask to support redis usernames as input parameter similar as it is already supported for psql or elastic search

Taken from here: [FR] Support Redis with user · Issue #119 · zammad/zammad-helm · GitHub


I’m just setting up a zammad POC/spike to see if we can use it as a replacement for Zendesk. It needs to run in Cloudfoundry with a TLS connection and auth, so this is a show stopper.

You can contact our sales team if this is a show stopper and you need it implemented badly.
However, this will require you take money into your hand to sponsor the functionality.

Please note that this does not guruantee a functionality for Zammad core - I’m just pointing your possible options. Personally I believe this wouldn’t be an issue in kubernetes or docker-compose if you restrict your networks accordingly (but this is off topic).

Any way, if that’s an option for you, you may want to contact sales [at] zammad [dot] com

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