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When receiving tickets per e-mail it sometimes happens that there are multiple customers on CC or similar.
Now if a customer that is not the ticket opener answers per e-mail the mail will be pulled into the ticket as expected.
Now if an agent answers this latest email and uses Text Macros with e.g. ticket.customer.firstname it will use the name of the ticket opener instead of the name of the from: user from the last email.

Would it be possible to have object references that can be used that refer to the customer you are currently replying to instead of the ticket opener?
In the admin doc you write:

Available objects are:

    ticket (e. g. ticket.state,
    ticket.customer (e. g. ticket.customer.firstname, ticket.customer.lastname)
    ticket.owner (e. g. ticket.owner.firstname, ticket.owner.lastname)
    ticket.organization (e. g.
    user (e. g. user.firstname,

However none of these options yield the expected result.
Are there any plans to make such multi customer tickets possible in future in regards of text module objects/macros?



Just got a complaint about this too. What’s missing here is IMO an object that refers to the article that the agent has clicked “reply” on; I’d call it ticket.article.

This should have the typical attributes like ticket.article.firstname, ticket.article.lastname, and so on.

If the ticket is being created and doesn’t have any articles yet, these fields should have sensible fallbacks (ie. ticket.article.firstname should fall back to ticket.customer.firstname) to ensure that a text module works both for new tickets and replies (or we’d need a better templating engine to do this ourselves ^^).

(Actually, as far as I understand Zammad’s structure, it should actually be ticket.article.created_by.firstname etc., but I’m not sure if we should mirror the proper structure if we’re muddling it with fallbacks…)

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