Strange phenomenon with Email trigger

Hello guys,

I got a strange phenomenon with my auto reply trigger.
This is my trigger text:

The problem is that the link to Zammad sometimes appears and sometimes does not.
You can take a look in the following pics.

The strange one

The normal one

So where can I cut out the link to ?
Best regards

Hey @ReisKanzlerTao,

the “strange” one is simple text and the “normal” one HTML right?

Seems like the hyperlink on your IT-Serivce (lil’ typo there btw) refers to and therefore it is displayed on the bottom of the simple text mail (which would be works-as-intended by your mail client).

In summary:
If my assumption happens to be true - this is no zammad problem.


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@svnr-dvnkln thanks for the fast help :slight_smile:
You’re assumption was correct :smiley: and thanks for the typo correction ^^

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