Strange Behaivor with some Mails

  • Used Zammad version: 3.1
  • Used Zammad installation source: Package
  • Operating system: Ubuntu 18.4 LTS
  • Browser + version: It don’t depends on Browser

Out Humanresources Department createt a Excel List to send Mails to the Ticketsystem if someone leaves or starts in the Company. Since they use this List, Mails from this List are creating always two identical Tickets. If you send a Ticket by yourself with exactly the same content from Outlook to the Ticketsystem, only one Ticket will be created.

I took a look into the Ticket Inbox, and there is only one Mail. So why we get always two Tickets created?

Is there a CC or BCC that might appear as one mail in your mailbox, but causes Zammad to put two identical tickets because of two different groups?

Could you check for any differences between your mail and the one your HR sends? I mean except that it comes from a list?

Its a Mail which is going to nearly each Department. Our Carmamagment is using Zammad also an is one of the receipents. But why Zammad creates two tickets into the IT Group and sometimes none into the Carmanagment Group? I expected that one Ticket will be created in each group.

How i can solve this Problem?

Ok now i can reproduce the Problem.

Forget the Excel List, thats not the Problem. If i write one E-Mail to and it seems to be random in which Group the Tickets will be created. In my Test i got 2 identical Tickets into the helpdesk Group but none Ticket in the Carmanagment Group.


How i can solve this Problem?

Small Update: If iam using BCC to adress a Mail for more then one Group everything is fine.

Is there a way to control the Behavior when Users send Mails with more then one receipent who are in Zammad? I can’t control if users use always BCC.

A small Update:

I found my mistake and now all E-Mails (it’s not important if there a BCC or not) create correctly a Ticket in each group.

I’ve created Postmaster filter and “contains” is not “equal”. After deactivating the Postmaster Filter, the Error is gone that Tickets are created random by the Email recipient.

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