Some Zammad dubts: Time tracking/ Time remaining

Hello team!

I’m developer and new in zammad community,

we’re looking for a platform to work and manage tickets in our company then we are trying it.

Would be great for us, to know more about time tracking, we have been activated the time control so we can assign time on each comment but we would need to know the ramaining time specifyng the initial estimated time, like in our Jira system.

Could be it possible?

Thank you in advance


Hi again!

I have been created custom objects:

Estimated time and time remaining.

How i can assign has default value in time remaining that would be: “(estimated time - time posted)”??

Thank u

I’m not sure if you’re currently just having a technical question or if you’re mixing a feature request with a technical question (if second, please don’t do that, it’s irritiating and will ruin overview for all of us).

Right now it’s not available within Zammad core. Further information as in “if and when” can’t be provided at this moment. Sorry.

Also, Zammad uses #{} for variables (and yours is not available).
I don’t see a practical workaround for this right now. Sorry.

hi MrGeneration,

I got a solution with a mysql trigger and now it works fine! thank you so much

delimiter //
CREATE TRIGGER before_update_time_accounting_update_time_in
AFTER INSERT ON ticket_time_accountings FOR EACH ROW
UPDATE tickets SET tickets.time_less = tickets.estimated_time - (SELECT SUM(ticket_time_accountings.time_unit) FROM ticket_time_accountings WHERE ticket_time_accountings.ticket_id = NEW.ticket_id);

Please be aware that this change is not update safe or might even break your installation during upgrades or runtime.

We’re not able to help you with those changes and will refuse to do so.
No offence, but that’s just out of scope.

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