[SOLVED] Zammad create reports

Hi, somebody can tell me if possible now or in a future version can create a pdf informative about a one cliente and the number of case with stadistics and graphics?

I think the current version does not support that, but I think it’s possible to extract that information through a 3rd party tools, like Grafana or Microsoft BI (off course, you need some SQL skills though)

Thanks for the suggesting but i need know if this is possible from the same system.

There’s no plans for PDF reports as far as I’m aware.
If there’s no feature request on this post or even an enhancement issue on github already, the chances proberbly will tend to 0.

As @maureliosilverio suggested, using Grafana (or API) would be the best and most powerful approach you can get.

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Well @maureliosilverio @MrGeneration thanks for the suggestions.

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