[solved] "Pending Close" - doesn't work

OS: Ubuntu 16.04
Zammad 2.8


if i set a Ticket on the State “Pending Close” and set a Time, the Ticket doesn’t close automaticly when the Date is reached.

In the Overview i got only showed the Time “Till Pending”:


Hey @anon43131755,

it worked on my test installation. Could you provide further information about the ticket?

What pending time is set?
What time has your server set locally?
Is there any information inside the ticket history?
How long did you wait for the ticket to be closed after the pending time was reached?


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Hardware specification and concurrent number of agents would be interesting as well. :slight_smile:

This Ticket can be closed. I don’t know what get wrong, but the second time i set a date everything went fine.

That’s odd, sometimes Zammad needs 5-10minutes (should be maximum) to trigger the event, if it has been way older, then this shouldn’t have happened. Let us know if it happens again.

I set a few tickets to the state “Pending Close” and everything went fine.

Is there maybe a problem with the hardware sizing? Are there any Informations/recommendation how the hardware should look? Actually we are working with 10-20 Agents at the same time but it will change to up to 50 Agents. I will be prepared that the new CoWorkers get a smooth first Experience with Zammad :slight_smile:

For up to 40 Agents we suggest at least 4 CPU cores (at least 2GHz) and 8GB of RAM if all components are running on the same host. SSD storage as mirror or even RAID10, 5 would be a good idea to improve performance.

In General: Adding more RAM is no bad idea in particular as you then can use RAM-Disk for /opt/zammad/tmp

You might also want to check if hosting elasticsearch and postgres on individual machines beside Zammad. This will ensure that the ressources for Zammad are only for it.

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