[solved] Option to create reports based on tags

Hey there,

I got a question regarding reports. Is it possible to have a filter-option for tags in the ‘Reporting’ section, like the ‘Create channels’ box, where you could (un)tick some channels? Or to have a column “tag” in the list of tickets, when you generated a report? It would be really helpful to generate reports based on tags.

We have a scenario, where we’d like to generate reports to determine the frequency of problems on a specific field. Those fields are tags which the agents specify on ticket creation.

Thank you in advance!

Actually I think you can generate such a report based on Report Profiles.(see Screenshot below.) Or the export of the tickets contains the column TAG where you can filter in spreadsheet afterwards.

But I agree that “tickboxes” for certain attributes would be helpful. Maybe add a section in the report profile generator for which attributes you want tickboxes.


Thanks for the tip about the report profiles.
I think that would already help us, just got an issue when displaying the report, if the filter contains any tag.
Error: {“error”:“unknown operator ‘contains one’ for ticket.tags”}

I’ll take a look, if there is a solution for it.

Edit: I just updatet to the current version of zammad and the error is gone now.

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