[solved] Notification about new tickets only to some agents


I am pretty new to Zammad so maybe there is already a solution.

Our whole department should be able to work in Zammad. So everybody is declared as agent.

We made a trigger that send a notification email whenever a new ticket was created.
The only problem is that it is only possible to send to customer, creator, owner or ALL agents.
But I only whant to notify the 2 agents who are mostly working with zammad.

Even though in all user settings the email notification is disabled, the trigger seems to ignore this.

Any idea?

Thank you

The trigger does not support this, you can only use agent notifications for agents.
Updates on tickets and new tickets will be notified to whoever has configured the notification.

Thank you.
I understood the whole thing wrong.
Our notifications were not working because the default sender address is not allowed by the mail server.
Changed that and now getting the default notifications

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