[solved] Can I hide tickets where a user don't have access to?


is it possible to hide Tickets in an Overview where a user don’t have access to? Or I have to create for each Group an own Overview and select “available for role” and the group in “Conditions for shown Tickets”?

I have created a “Closed Tickets” Overview. This Overview should be available for all Agents but they should see only tickets where they have access to. At the moment they see all the tickets from all Groups.

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Hey @anon75124965,

eehm if i get you right, zammad already behaves like you want it to.

If you create an overview “all closed tickets” and make it available to all roles - the agents still only can see tickets where they have rights for.

If in your case an agent can see ALL tickets in this overview something’s probably messed up with his/her rights.

I’m already doing it like you’re trying to do it, so it should work if it’s configured the right way.

Pls have a look at Admin -> Roles -> $YourRole -> ticket/agent


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sorry you are right.

I haven’t waited long enough, after changing my rights, for refreshing the Overview…

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