Slack integration, tickets

Hey guys,

I travel a lot for my work so I do a lot on my Huawei phone. Normally we use email to do the support, but since zammad has a lot of awesome futures, it would be awesome to use :slight_smile: .

The only thing is that zammad is not that mobile friendly since most of the support people use a computer or laptop (I completely understand).

But would it be possible to handle tickets using slack (sending PM’s and closing tickets). Because I cannot find that in the documentation.

And if if this is not the case. Would it be possible to awsner the tickets by mail (trough zammad)?

And if that is not possible, what is the best way to solve this. Since it is a good system.

Have a nice day everyone :hugs:

I’m afraid that I have to answer the first two questions with “no, it’s not possible.” :frowning:

The best and esiest way would be to use a tablet with big enough screen size. As this is only a workaround for what you and Zammad really needs, the better version would be to found people willing to contribute to a mobile version (app, webapp) so that matter gets solved out. Problem is that we currently don’t have ressources and -so we think- this topic might take us at least a year before we have something working in our hands :frowning:

Hey @MrGeneration,

Thank you very much for your reply. I wanted to write something back earlier, but I was in indonesia.
Is the problem that you have too few programmers or too few ideas to tackle this?

Man-power and time is our problem currently. :slight_smile:

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