Setup Groups with mail aliases

Hi I’m new at zammad configuration, and we had an old RT system that we are trying to discontinue .

In my Zammad setup 2 groups and 1 email account, this email account has 2 mail aliases setup in my mailserver.
And using filters i’ve manage to create tickets on the right groups depending of the from of the email aliases.

But when i receive a notification of the ticket creation in my email the sender is comming from the “noreply” and i want that the sender will come from the aliases so i can make a reply from my mail client. Is that possible to setup, for each group the sender?

Example I have 2 Groups:

I have an email account:

I have 2 mail aliases to

With filters i manage that all email arriving will be created tickets in the correct groups depending the To field with:
if “TO” filed contains : then goes to “Staff”
if “TO” filed contains : then goes to “Account”

But in my user account “” that belongs to each group, i receive a zammad notification that a new ticket was created, but i cannot make a reply from my email client because the sender of this notification is “” instead of or depending of the group who ticket belongs

Is this possible? How can i setup this?

Best regards

If you look at the settings you will notice that inbound e-mail accounts and the outbound notification account are separate settings, they are not necessarily related to one another. That’s why notifications come from the “noreply” address.
But even if they were the same setting, it still wouldn’t be possible. Exchange doesn’t work that way either, no matter how many incoming e-mail aliases you set on one exchange account, only one of them can be the reply / sender address.