Setting up the #Tag Field as requiered

Hello together,

we are now testing Zammad 5 and want to use it in future cause its great for our needings.

We have just one little problem which we can’t solve yet. How can we set up the “Tag - Field” as requiered in new Tickets?

Further we need the “Tag - Field” as an attribute in the overviews. Is that possible in any way?


Virtex :slight_smile:

i have connected directly to the database to understand how it works… i think there is not as much space as needed for that change.

Tags are stored in 3 diffrent tables within the database.
In the table “tags” is a referenz to the ticket id (o_id)… not more :frowning:

Is there smth. we can do with rails to get the result we want to have?

Hi Jens,

I am not aware of an option to make tags mandatory. Even if there would be an option somehow, than there would be still the problem how to make sure only 1 tag is used or which case might fit your specific needs.

However, here is a workaround that could work for you:

  1. Create a custom object: Objects — Zammad documentation
  • Create an object of the type “select” which provides a drop-down field that allows a selection of one value out of several.
  • Create values that match your predefined tags.
  1. Create a trigger: Triggers — Zammad documentation
  • Trigger based on a value of the custom object which was selected by the agent.
  • Action: Set tag

I hope this helps.

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Hi Gijs,

that sounds like a good plan.
I’ll try it out and after that i give you a feedback how that workaround meets our needings :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot.


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