Setting a mapped Mail Address for outgoing Tickets

  • Used Zammad version: Dies ist die Zammad Version 3.3.x

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  • Operating system: Windows

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Dear Community,

i am doing support for a customer and have set an internal mailbox which they forward all mails to. What i woud like to do is set a custom sender alias (like their mail address) to be sent, when i answer an email.

Is there any chance to do that? I knew this behaviour from OTRS, where it was possible to simply set an address.

When i try to enter it in the field “E-Mail Address” i get prompted a huge error message.

(Alias is supposed to go in the red marked area)

Thx in advance

I don’t seem to be able to follow.
The groups decide what email address Zammad uses for outgoing mails.

We do not have a functionality to have customer specific aliases. You could workaround that with dozens of groups, but that sounds rather sketchy to me.

Thank you for your answer. My question is: I do not have the direct mailbox data from my customer, but i want to pretend, i would be sending from his mailbox. Is the solution to name the group after the address that i want to be shown to the customer?

Best regards

Umm okay, but how do you solve mail transport then?
Sorry but what you’re trying to achieve sounds very fishy to me.

Again, naming your group doesn’t have anything to do with the used display name and mail address.
This is decided by your email channel and mail aliases being configured there.


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