Set Tag by Custom-Mail-Header

Hi Guys, Hi Leute,

is it possible, to set a Tag by Mail-header?
Something like “X-Zammad-Ticket-Tags=Termin,Alarm”

The Channel is also set as trusted.

Zammad 6.3.1 via docker-compose.yml

Hi @Hyperion89. Please check out the documentation.

Hi, the URL Shows how i Change the Tag by a Rule in the Postmaster-Section. I want to edit it directly by the Header, not to add additionaly a Rule. For example, i can also change the Group by adding the X-Zammad-Ticket-Group, instead of add a Rule to set the Group.

Sorry for my bad English, my german is a lot better :laughing:

An email header looks like this:
header-name: value

Ok sorry for the typo-error. I tried X-Zammad-Ticket-Tags: Termin, but the mail doesnt get processed.

And what does your production.log tell you in that time frame?

Thats the Error.

ERROR – : undefined method `each’ for “Termin”:String (NoMethodError)

Could it be, i have to add the value as a type of array?
Something like X-Zammad-Ticket-Tags: {‘Termin’} ?:thinking: