Set customer based on replay-to

We currently have the problem that an external system sends emails to our customers with the Zammad Email-Adress in CC.
All these tickets have therefor the customer with the sender email-adress of the external system. As the Reply-To header has the customer email-adress, it should be possible to set it based on that.

As I currently understand, there is no way to do that with a filter? Right?
Thanks for the help!

Please see this documentation page and search for “reply-to”.

Thanks for the help! Here is the link for everybody else: Einstellungen — Zammad Dokumentation

Is there any way to limit it to some “from” email addresses? I see a security risk if all reply-to addresses are processed. That way, anybody can pose as everybody. As we have proper DMARC, DKIM and SPF for your own domain, limiting it to senders from your own Domain would help a lot!

Huh I’m very sorry.
I was certain I did paste the link yesterday night…

No there is not.

Yes and no.
While I can possibly impose one of your customers should I know the ticket number or correct customer mail and name, I can open a ticket as that person. However, I cannot access the data via web interface and cannot receive the answer because the answer will be going to the customer and not the evil guy.