Service Catalogue - Core Workflows

Hi guys, I am looking to find out first hand if anyone has done, or sees the possibility to use the new core flows functionality to create a full service catalogue - so a customer can request a bit of software from a long list of populated items, or a specific bit of hardware they can request that we list.

I’d also love if it could be used for populating details for a new starter, specific to a role or similar - I imagine it can but dont want to assume.

I only ask as I don’t have permission to subscribe (free trial excludes core workflows!), without knowing how it could work, and the local version I tried to setup isnt working as I’m pretty useless when it comes to Ubuntu, Debian etc etc.

Sorry, but thanks in advance if anyone can shed any light.


sorry forget it.
i look to fast thats the wrong Webinar today.
But yes you are able to build a Service catalog with Core Workflows.
This Documenation maybe help you: Core Workflows — Zammad documentation

No problem, thank you. Yes it sounds promising, I’m having another go at getting the instance setup onsite so hopefully I can give it a go

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