Send reminder to last receiver


we built an email reminder for customers not replying to our mails. Its a bit tricky because I can only choose “send to customer” or “sender of last article” (which is the current agent in this case).
In many situations we need to send the reminder to the last receiver of the email communication excluding the agents.

For example: Team Member asks for new laptop. We forward this need to the Team Lead. Team Lead does not respond (quite busy people :slight_smile: ). We now want to remind the Team Lead, not the Team Member, to answer our mail. For now the Team Member receives the mail (yes, now he knows his Team Lead is busy and can remind him himself, but it would be smoother if the Team Lead gets the reminder directly).

If its possible right now, I would like to know how we can manage this.

Thanks for your work!

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Hi - just another community member here - trying to help.

This sounds like something that can be accomplished with the scheduler - I think.

I think you can set a schedule for every 10 minutes to check for any ticket that has not had a response in a certain period of time, and then send an email reminder that way to the last customer, or agent, as required.

I’m still pretty new to Zammad, but I think this would work. I can post a screenshot of how I would set up the scheduler, but its pretty straight forward.

Don’t shoot me if it doesn’t work for you. I tried!