Send e-mail notification to an agent with a new role

  • Used Zammad version: 3.2.x
  • Used Zammad installation source:
  • Operating system: Ubuntu
  • Browser + version: Firefox 72.0.2

Hello zammad users,

I have a question about the e-mail notifications:

In our tickets we use two persons with different roles - first the owner (the standard) and now the new one with own role - the responsible.
Now I come to the problem - after an update in the ticket we want send an additional e-mail notification to the responsible, but I can’t find a solution to trigger this event. Is there anybody who can help me? Thx in advance. Alex

For a better explaination:

First I create the object “Verantwortlicher” / Responsible

The responsible is one of the agents. Now I want to send a notification to the responsible after an update in the ticket.

How can I trigger this event?

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