Search tickets closed without a reply

Can I search tickets that are closed and don’t have a reply?

Some agents are creating an internal note (thinking it’s a reply) and closing the ticket, I want to check those tickets.


you should be able to build in an overview:

Cheers Yves

I think the best approach would be the API in this case. This allows you to filter for number of articles.
It actually is quite difficult to filter that out. You proberbly want to check if the last sender was the customer or not.

You could also, for future tickets, send a mail to a specific person with a trigger any time a agent does post an internal note. May be a bit over the top though. :smiley:

Yeah, I created a trigger that every time someone uses the internal note it adds a tag, then as @Yves suggested I created an overview, the overview shows current tickets that are closed and with that tag.

This way I check manually the ticket, alert the agent if he is trying to use the internal note as a reply and remove the tag to hide from that view. A bit “hacky” but it’s working…


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