Search attachment size in articles


  • Used Zammad version: 3.1.0
  • Used Zammad installation source: deb package
  • Operating system: debian 9
  • Browser + version: any

Expected behavior:

  • Possibility to search attachments by size, something like article.attachment.size<“5kb”

Actual behavior:

  • No possibility to search attachments by size

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • :wink:

A customer needs to be able to filter emails with small attachments from their voicemail system to auto-close and tag these tickets, as there is no information inside. Anyone has an idea how to accomplish? At the moment I have set up some triggers that search for text inside an article like “of 0 seconds”, “of 1 seconds” etc, but these don’t seem to work. Any hints or ideas that could help me?

Thanks in advance!


Personally I’d rather use the API for this.
It can return attachments and proberbly also the size (didn’t check that).

I also think that this is not a feature request but a tjechnical question? :wink:

You can find Zammads API reference here:

Thanks for the idea - this may help, but is a bit complicated, as I have to build an external handler for this.
I solved it with a postmaster filter with following regex that leads to “tag and close”:

regex:of (0|1|2|3|4) seconds

This seems to work flawlessly

Post can be closed :smiley:

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