Schedule tasks to remind you of old open tickets by mail


  • Used Zammad version: 3.3x
  • Operating system: Ubuntu 18.04
  • Browser + version: GoogleChrome 83.x

Expected behavior:

I would like to implement a task scheduling to remind 30 days old open tickets by e-mail.
For this purpose the
Ticket status everything but closed
updated 30 days ago (relative)

then let
an e-mail should be sent to the agents
Notification deactivated
no note

Actual behavior:

the e-mail notification of old tickets is successfully carried out by the scheduler
However, Zammad will automatically make a change to the ticket in question, so that it will then be given a current note and thus fall outside the 30 day old ticket grid.
Can the change or the note on the ticket be cancelled?

many thanks

Just to be clear…
You want Zammad to remind all agents of the affected group to be reminded of tickets that are not in closed state if the ticket hasn’t seen any update since 30 days - correct?
If you’ve reached 30 days, you want Zammad to remind your agents on a daily basis of that ticket?


Part 1
Yes, I would like to receive a reminder by mail of tickets that have not been changed for 30 days

Part 2
The scheduler should run once a week and remind you of tickets that have not been changed for 30 days.

But when the scheduler reminds you of the tickets, it creates an entry in the ticket.
As a result, the ticket has been updated and would no longer be covered by the task planning.

I would rather explain it in German, because my English is not so good.


You may not want to check for “last updated” but “last contact” instead. This will not change until further communication articles have been created. I think that would be what you’d need.

Keep in mind, especially for last contact, that Zammad has two modes in updating this value. You can find more information on that (and the reasons) here:

(see ticket last contact behaviour)

Sorry, but this is not possible I’m afraid. This would help only a small percentage of Zammads user base. If you require german support, we can offer a support contract if required. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for the answer.

With the setting “last contact” the scheduler works as desired.

Case solved

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