SAML for Roles assigment

Hello. Please consider expanding SAML functionality to provide Roles variable for logins, similar to LDAP integration.
When Zammad used in corporate environment, without external users, SAML login is very comfortable, but roles management are non-existing. Implement both LDAP and SAML is overlapping, right?
Also, removing login|password fields from center of the page and hiding them behind another button will be nice.


I use LDAP sync for user metadata, combined with SAML for login in Zammad, works really well.

You may be able to use the LDAP role mapping feature to get what you need right away if LDAP is available in your environment.

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I would like to warm up this feature request. Not all SAML providers allow LDAP integration and we would really be looking forward to be able to assign a user role with SAML attributes/mappers from a central SSO upon user login!

Giving the first article a heart would be a start. It right now has none and thus isn’t considered voted as of now.

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