Running Regular imports into Zammad from a CMDB

Hi there,
I am looking at Zammad for a friend of mine as a possible solution for their small company (which is growing). One of the things that came up is can information from an external CMDB / Asset Management system be bought into Zammad.
The idea is that when a user puts in a ticket all the assets scanned to that person can be displayed in the ticket.
Ideal for the technician to not have to bounce between two systems when a user just says “I have a problem with my machine” and also just as a quick double check when dealing with a customer that they do in fact have the correct assets scanned to them.


The only way you could achieve this, except for the i-doit integration (i-doit: Use Tickets to Track Company Property — Zammad (for Agents) documentation) which still holds the asset information in a second system, would be using additional attributes.

However, this has clear down sides because Zammad technically doesn’t come with an own asset management. This means the user can have one device only or would require a shitload of objects.

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