Route catch-all mail directly to agents

I’m wondering that is there an option to route mail from catch all mail directly to user?
In creating mail which is set as catchall in gsuite.
I have user john.doe in zammad and mail sended to is catched to and routed to john.doe inside an application.
The reason for this is I don’t wanna create separate mail accounts for each user in gsuite.

Can you please describe your use case in more detail?
Reason why I’m asking is that I think that you’re awaiting something different than Zammad will handle.

What you can do is use Filters or Triggers to route a E-Mail to a specific place (group). You can also assign this Mail to a specific user (agent). For this, you need to ensure that every valid alias is added to the E-Mail-Account of Zammad, other wise you will encounter problems.

Also note that Zammad isn’t designed to play “private mailbox” so this might be a bit off.

I hope this answers your question or at least comes close to your use case.

I know what’s zammad for, but additionally I wanna route mails directly to some users for internal communication, for example team leader is writing mail to specific user and only this user will see it. The reason is to get rid of user private mailboxes and use zammad as internal communication platform. Additionally client can write mail directly to specific agent who will take his case, for example which will be routed to with “TO” field . It will be nice to have such kind of feature.

I don’t think that Zammad should have some kind of routing logic for outgoing Mail.
Reason for this is, that I see routing functionality of such a thing as task of your E-Mail-Server.

If is a alias for, it will already be sent there. If this is a Zammad mailbox, Zammad will simply fetch the Mail.
Please note that it’s not possible to send to Mail Adresses of groups (so that won’t work). This is by design to ensure you’re not constantly sending yourself Mail (this is a core function).

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