Role-based privileges for customers

I wish we could give specific users with the role customer access permissions to organizations, allowing only them to see all cases by their organization’s users.

Full request
I find it very helpful that Zammad allows me to group people belonging to the same organization and show their collective cases accordingly.

As I understand, I can give my client (almost) the same view by applying the “Shared” attribute to the organization. Unfortunately, though, this means that every user in the client’s organization can then see the cases of everyone else in the organization, without restriction.

That permission setting is too wide for my purposes. It’s not too much of a stretch to imagine that the manager could send me a request that contains confidential information that he doesn’t want other people in his organization to see, for example HR relevant changes.

I’m sure many customers would appreciate to be able to define people in their organization, for example the manager or someone chosen by him for the task, that have the ability to log on to the support system and get a detailed view of all open and closed cases.

I’d therefore find it very helpful if it was possible to somehow give specific users with the customer role access to their organization’s support cases.

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